We founded UFP because we see Ukraine providing attractive investment opportunities for small and large investors. We believe that Ukraine is no different than the opportunities created after the collapses of Argentina, Mexico, and Russia.

Furthermore we believe that Ukraine has achieved significant progress during the past two years including free elections, debt restructuring, an IMF agreement and corresponding disbursement, progress on reforms, a material reduction of hostilities with Russia and the continuous support from the West.

UFP focuses on sourcing harder to find, less publicized and asymmetric risk/reward opportunities.


Rodolfo E.C.Amoresano

     Rodolfo E.C. Amoresano is a senior executive and investor with over 30 years of experience in emerging markets. He has managed over 2 billion dollars and led teams in emerging markets during all of the crises since the mid-80's. Mr. Amoresano has played an essential role in managing trading and investment decisions during his tenure at Caerus Management, an EM focused, full capital structure investment fund he founded in 2009; Greylock Capital Management in New York where he was a Portfolio Manager and sat on the Pricing Committee; Contrarian Capital Management in Greenwich, CT where he was a Portfolio Manager; Frontier Investments in Washington DC where he served as Principal; Nomura Holdings America in New York where he served as Portfolio Manager and Managing Director of the proprietary global emerging markets unit; and Banco Santander in New York where he was second in command of EM operations, trading USD and local denominated assets. Mr. Amoresano offers particular expertise in starting up new initiatives, turning around problem situations, and managing the human and organizational resources necessary to achieve significant results. 

     He has developed wide global contacts during his career working in Latin America, Eastern Europe, Africa, and Asia. Fluent in Spanish and English, Mr. Amoresano has participated extensively as a speaker at events and conferences devoted to emerging markets.


aleXander Saul

     Alexander Saul has over 10 years of experience in finance and investments. Prior to joining Ukraine Finance Partners, Mr. Saul was Senior Vice President and Partner at Empire State Capital Partners. Previously he developed his career as an VP and Partner at Foyil, one of the largest US-owned investment banks in Ukraine, where he succeeded as a professional working with private equity and institutional investors, and gained professional skills in asset management and investment. Before Foyil, Alexander proceeded with his career in the Ukrainian investment company Art Capital, where he started in 2009 based on experience with securities he obtained at position in the Regional Head Office of Privatbank.

     Mr. Saul holds a Master's Degree in Finance from Kharkiv National University, Ukraine.


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