Kovi Plus is a distribution and service company based in Kharkiv covering Odessa, Poltava and other big cities of Ukraine.


The company has two major departments:

Corporate, which deals with large clients: kovi.com.ua

Retail, which deals with the public: ult.com.ua

In addition to distributing products, Kovi Plus provides installation and servicing to enhance their value proposition.




RMRF – is a Ukrainian team of cybersecurity engineers and penetration testers that specializes in the development of solutions in the field of early cyber threat detection and prevention. RMRF’s main expertise is in providing services in the field of cybersecurity and the development of solutions based on Deception Technology.


The RMRF mission is to make the world safer and more sustainable by defeating hackers with an in-depth understanding.

As a major Shareholder, UFP is dedicated to improving the operations and success of RMRF Services. In addition to capital, UFP provides support to enable the management team to focus on increasing sales and customer satisfaction. UFP brings its local and international contacts and expertise to provide strategic guidance as well as operational support in legal services, accounting, marketing and human resources.

For more information: rmrf.tech


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